ISBN: 9781986840743

Publish Date:  MAY 3, 2018

Format: Paperback


How Women are Purposefully Changing the World


Women today are embracing their own power and purpose,

taking a stand, and acting with intention.

Simple Purpose will introduce you to a diverse and vital group of women who are changing the world with determination.  They have chosen to build their lives around purpose and are making a difference amidst the ebbs and flows of daily life. Each “ordinary” yet simply remarkable woman is changing the world for the better in her own way on her own terms.  It is an indelible archetype that holds fierce women together and lights the way forward. Every woman today is contributing to the universe in concentric circles that build a pattern of strength and resolve.

A woman’s purpose, whether as an individual or as part of a community or organization, is the wellspring of integrity and meaning you bring to what you do. Living with simple purpose means you declare your aspirations and journey toward a destination that is outside yourself, compels you onward, and binds you to others.

“My secret is I show up. That has always been my MO: If I don’t see it,  I create it.”         ~Deborah

Wherein lies YOUR simple purpose?  Let’s find out . . .

100% of all proceeds of this book support the work of 

The Simple Rules Foundation.