Discover the Secrets to Successfully Leading a Small Business or Non-Profit

How does a successful top-level manager or CEO motivate employees and encourage productivity, while navigating the often-treacherous organizational waters? How do they surpass lofty expectations and deliver impressive results with pitfalls lurking around every corner?

Vision Driven: Lessons Learned from the Small Business C-Suite reveals the secrets behind winning executives’ strategies for taking charge effectively of small organizations, both for-profit and non-profit businesses. In clear, easy-to-understand prose that’s loaded with real-life examples, renowned management consultant Mallary Tytel shows experienced and newly minted managers alike the do’s, don’ts and don’t-even-think-about-it’s to take their organization to the next level. It’s a no-holds-barred peek into the everyday workings of leading and managing a small organization.

Providing fundamental insights into a leader’s greatest challenges and how to overcome them, Vision Driven is the culmination of 20-plus years of diverse management experience and best practices from a slew of industry professionals. Put these lessons learned to work today and achieve a whole new level of success.

“Mallary Tytel meets the everyday challenges of leading a small business with insights and sensitivity.  She shares her lessons learned with us through engaging stories and accessible reflective exercises.  Anyone reading this book will find the warmth of an empathetic friend, the strength of a valiant leader and the support of an insightful coach." ~Dr Glenda Eoyang, Executive Director and Founder, Human Systems Dynamics Institute.

“There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of business help books and self-development books filling the little bookstores at the airport and mall. To me, they are all good in some small way, but they are usually just a rehash of what we probably already know. Mallary Tytel’s approach is different. Yes, the book is full of nuggets of wisdom, each short chapter being self-contained and with its own valuable take-away. But what sets it apart is it uses well-researched and peer-reviewed materials to create new knowledge AND to present it in a practical manner through actual examples.  It is loaded with dozens of useful tips, some big and some little, all valuable, and will exceed the reader’s expectations by delivering the goods.  One of the best I’ve read!”  ~ Dr. Edward Goldberg, Capella University

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ISBN  9780982111208

Publish Date:  JANUARY 29, 2009

          FORMAT:  KINDLE